We are harnessing the power of play to create a more sustainable future for our children and the planet. Providing our guests new experiences in luxury, and entertainment that also protect the environment is a top priority. That is why we have set ambitious environmental goals for 2030 focused on:

Climate change is not just an issue for the future, it is happening right now. Extreme weather events, such as the typhoons experienced at our own resorts, are predicted to increase in frequency as the climate changes. To address these big challenges, we need to rethink some of the most basic aspects of how our industry works.

We believe that luxury and world class entertainment experiences can go hand- in- hand with caring for the climate. That’s why we are playing our part in combating climate change by committing to achieving carbon neutrality at all our resorts by 2030. This bold ambition will be built on continuously improving energy efficiency at our existing properties, investment in renewable energy, innovation and other low- and no-carbon technologies such as electric vehicles.

Melco’s goal is to be a leader in the circular economy movement in Asia, by achieving zero waste resorts by 2030. To Melco, “zero waste” means sending no waste to landfill or incinerating waste without energy recovery.

A circular economy is one that keeps materials in productive use for longer and eliminates waste. It’s an idea that affects the way we think about our entire business. It requires us to strategically design our resorts and operations with greater focus on which materials we use, how much and how long we use the materials for and, of course, how we dispose of those materials.

It requires us to find new solutions, and to harness the innovative spirit that is at the core of our business. This will help us to shape the future of gaming and entertainment in Asia. By doing so, we aim to help lead the transition to a more circular economy.

Our impact stretches far beyond our resorts. We recognize that with procurement we can amplify our environmental and social commitments with the choices we make, that can be a force for positive change.

Sustainable purchasing at Melco means understanding more about the impact of the goods and services we purchase and changing practices to reduce environmental impacts. It also means investing in local suppliers so that our resorts support the local economy and the communities that depend on it.

In 2018, we implemented sustainable sourcing guidelines for three key product categories – cotton, seafood and cleaning products. Over time, we will add other goods to our sustainable sourcing program.