Our Vision in Japan

Japan has long been an area of focus for Melco

We do not see ourselves as a company just doing business in Japan, but as a member of the local community. From contributing to sustainable development to investing in communities and promoting local culture, we collaborate with governments, local businesses, charities, educational institutes, and community organizations to create shared values in Japan.



The success and sustained economic growth of our business has a direct impact on a number of our stakeholders including shareholders, colleagues, suppliers, local governments and communities.

Yokohama First

Melco demonstrated strong support and ongoing commitment to Yokohama in its pursuit of the opportunity to develop one of Japan’s first integrated resorts. In collaboration with local partners, Melco developed a superlative, world-class proposal that reflects the unique characteristics and culture of Yokohama and would put the city on the global stage of tourism.

MelGuard – The Next Generation

In preparation of our potential operations in Japan, Melco developed MelGuard, the world’s first “Biometric Intelligence System”, that uses biometric indicators to prevent restricted individuals—including self-exclusions—from entering the gaming floor, while complying with data privacy requirements. For Japan, MelGuard is designed to work in conjunction with the “My Number” card to enable authentication for entry to gaming areas.

Melco Creative Exchange (MCX)

In October 2019, Melco Resorts launched a hospitality investment fund "Melco Creative Exchange" (MCX) in Japan to support the revitalization of the country’s economy through tourism developments.

Two initial key initiatives of MCX were in Hakone, Kanagawa Prefecture and a ski resort in Okushiga Kogen, Nagano Prefecture. Development plans made for both projects included premium hospitality facilities.



Partnership and collaboration are core tenets of our relationships across the globe, in particular with the local communities in which we operate.

Naomi Osaka

In October 2019, Melco invited Naomi Osaka, first Japanese tennis player ever to win a Grand Slam title, to be Brand Ambassador for Melco’s Yokohama Integrated Resort (“IR”) bid and Director of Sport. In her role, Naomi contributed and helped define the resort’s sports and wellness offer, contributing to Melco’s pledge to build the best IR in the world in Yokohama.

Together with Melco, we’ll better integrate sport and wellness into the concept, benefitting both visitors and the local community. My home country of Japan is a really special place, and I feel privileged to be working with Melco to share it with new visitors from all over the world.

Naomi Osaka, Director of Sport, Melco Resorts & Entertainement

Yokohama F• Marinos

Since July 2019, Melco has been a partner of the Japanese professional football club based in Yokohama and competes in the J1 League. We support the club’s mission to contribute to the local community and support healthier and richer lives for all local people through the promotion of football and the development of home town talent across all demographics, from youth football and beyond.

Rakuten Open

Melco was appointed a gold sponsor of the Rakuten Japan Open Tennis Championships 2019, which is one of the longest running ATP Tour tournaments in Asia, first held in 1972. Held at the Ariake Coliseum in Tokyo, the 2019 Championships saw Serbian player Novak Djokovic win the title, defeating qualifier John Millman in the final.

Shigeru Ban

Melco collaborated with Pritzker Prize-winning architect Shigeru Ban to redesign a hot spring resort in Hakone prefecture. The design proposed using natural materials to give the resort its individuality and a unique presence.



Respect for culture and heritage is one of Melco's core CSR pillars. Respect for the customs and practices in the countries in which we operate, and support for the preservation of heritage assets, can benefit our sustainable economic growth.

Kimono Roboto

To raise awareness of kimono and its cultural value, Melco collaborated with Kyoto Cultural Association in commissioning the recreation of the 23 museum-quality kimono pieces, each of which was carefully selected to represent the distinctive characteristics of different regions across the country in coordination with specialists from the Kyoto prefecture, National Museum, and National Museum of Modern Art.

After four-years of production processes using weaving techniques unseen in over a century, 13 pieces from the collection were displayed at the KIMONO ROBOTO exhibition launched in Tokyo in November 2017 and subsequently in Kyoto in April 2018.

The exhibition was also supported by contemporary music, and video from artists including the 15-time Grammy nominated Icelandic artist Bjork.

Dare To Dream Design Award

Melco partnered with Junko Koshino Inc., one of Japan’s most highly acclaimed fashion designers, in launching the “Dare to Dream Design Award” to encourage the use of kimono in designs during Tokyo Designers’ Week in 2018.

The finalists received an internship with JUNKO KOSHINO Inc. and were given a special booth in the industry renowned “Rooms30,” Japan’s largest fashion and design exhibition.

Dare To Dream, Japan – Yokohama F. Marinos Football Camp

In 2019, Melco collaborated with Yokohama F. Marinos J1 League football club to host a football clinic for 50 primary school football enthusiasts with the chance to train with the esteemed professional club and guest coach Mr. Yuji Nakazawa, Marinos legendary player and a long-term member of the Japan National Football team.

Supporting Japanese Arts – Hyoen

Melco actively supports events that promote the heritage of Japan, such as Hyoen, a performance retelling the Japanese literature classic, the “Tale of Genji.” Melco donated tickets to help make the performance more accessible to the local community.



Melco leverages its best assets to support the communities where it operates through focused investment and engagement activities. Effective, appropriate responses to and support for local community needs and development can help to achieve our objective of improving the social and economic sustainability of the communities in which we operate.



As part of our commitment to the community, we also prioritize substantive support for the development of local Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Partnering with SMEs provides an opportunity to source quality and unique products and services, which offer a competitive advantage. Engagement with such enterprises can benefit our ability to achieve a sustainable future for the countries and regions in which we operate.

Motomachi Smart Summer 2019

Melco planned, designed and executed the “Smart Summer” event for Motomachi, Yokohama, Japan, supporting local tourism and economic growth by drawing crowds to the district in August 2019. We also channeled our experience and expertise in F&B and entertainment to create an enjoyable experience to customers.

Motomachi Craftsmanship Street Food Fair 2019

Melco co-sponsored the Motomachi Craftsmanship Street Food Fair in which participated restaurants and grocery stores in Motomachi, Yokohama, centered on Motomachi Naka-dori. The two-day fair attracted more than 20,000 visitors who enjoyed delicious food with a variety of live music.

Isezakicho Sannomiya Autumn Festival 2019

In 2019, Melco participated in the annual "Osannomiya Autumn Festival", which is a grand annual festival of the Hie Shrine and has been selected as one of the "50 Kanagawa Festivals". The event sees a dedicated performance by volunteers and an exhibition of calligraphic works by children. At the Melco booth, the staff dressed in original “happi” coats, and visitors took home original rice crackers and towels as souvenirs.

“Stay Strong Together, Support Your Hometown Shopping Arcade!”

Melco launched a joint project with Japanese professional football club Yokohama F. Marinos to reinvigorate five local shopping arcades in Yokohama, Yokosuka and Yamato cities affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. A promotional campaign was carried out to promote the participating shopping arcades, including a support video that was shown from April 2021 at Nissan Stadium where Yokohama F. Marinos held its league home matches.

Michelin Guide Kyoto / Osaka 10th Anniversary Gala Dinner

Melco cooperated in a special gala dinner to celebrate the launch of the MICHELIN guide in Kyoto and Osaka. To pay tribute to Japanese cuisine or WASHOKU, chefs from the eight restaurants awarded with three MICHELIN stars in the 2018 guide joined hands to prepare an exquisite kaiseki meal featuring the season’s best ingredients.



Environmental responsibility is at the very heart of how Melco operates its resorts. We have an opportunity to play a crucial role within Japan to reduce carbon emissions and mitigate against physical climate change impacts that could threaten operations and the supply of raw materials.