In the Community
Local Supplier Relations

Melco’s philosophy on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is to make a difference in the community in which it operates.

In alignment with this philosophy, Melco procurement is committed to supporting the local community through sourcing products and services from, and creating opportunities for the development and growth of, local companies and individuals.

Melco works closely with the Macau Chamber of Commerce and local organizations to enhance the awareness of the local business community of the opportunities for business development and growth with Melco. Melco’s platform for co-operation and collaboration spans various initiatives and activities including:

  1. Online registration of interest

    – Our website provides an online portal for simple and easy registration of interest in any of the products or services as listed in Melco’s supply chain category framework. Melco’s category framework can also be found on the website
  2. Vendor tours

    – We believe tours and presentations can provide meaningful interaction and opportunities for knowledge-sharing. Visiting different areas of our properties provides information, education and insights into our business. We share our story and experiences, and highlight considerations to enhance business performance
  3. Vendor Open Day

    – Vendor Open Day with the assistance of the Macau Chamber of Commerce provide an opportunity for a two-way dialogue with local businesses, aiming to provide them with increased visibility and business growth

By forging a sustainable, mutually beneficial relationship with local SMEs, Melco aims to support the creation of a healthy and beneficial business environment where SMEs can grow and flourish. Melco encourages local SMEs to register their interests in supplying Melco with their products or services, and also register their interests in participating in the various activities on offer.

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