• The opinions of our stakeholders
    inspire us to continually
    improve our operations.

Melco’s Key Stakeholders & How We Engage

When identifying our stakeholder groups, we consider whether we have a relationship with them that could be characterized by one of the following attributes: dependency, responsibility, tension, influence or diverse perspectives. Our stakeholder groups and ongoing methods of engagement are presented in the table below.

Materiality Assessment Approach

To identify the material topics that are central to our business, we conduct industry research, peer benchmarking and regularly engage with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders including our colleagues, Board Members, guests, suppliers, government representatives, investors, academic institutions and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). In refining our material topics, we reflected on which sustainability issues mattered most to stakeholders, how salient issues are to Melco’s economic, environmental and social impact and performance, as well as considering wider societal outcomes. The results of the review continue to inform Melco’s strategy and governance, and have been grouped as follows:

Foundational issues are fundamental to operating as a responsible business Major issues require us to go beyond expected
practice to inspire change
Priority issues are those where we have the opportunity to demonstrate leadership and differentiate

While all of these issues are important to both our strategic planning and our day-to-day operations, the following 14 material topics provide overarching focus areas for our Above & Beyond strategy, as outlined in our Strategic Sustainability Framework.

Our Material Topics


Ethical & Sustainable Supply Chain,
which supports all our operations

> Ethics & Integrity
> Sustainable Economic Growth
> Responsible Gaming
> Energy & Climate Resilience
> Material Use & Waste
> Water & Wastewater Management

> Talent Attraction & Retention
> Inclusion & Diversity
> Safety & Health
> Community Engagement & Investment
> Small & Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)
> Culture & Heritage


Guest Experience, which is the result of
our best practices for all our material topics

For how these sustainability issues and material topics have impact along our value chain, including upstream, in-house and downstream impacts, explore Melco’s Sustainability Issues, Value Chain Impacts and Risks & Opportunities >