• The care we take to raise awareness of RG,
    sets us apart from our peers.

We surpass regulatory requirements for operators to display Responsible Gaming information for our guests in our resorts, and we actively engage people in our communities on the subject

Televised Public Service Commercial in Macau

Melco partnered with a local production company in Macau to produce a television commercial raising awareness of RG. The commercial was aired on Teledifusão de Macau (TDM) during primetime viewing hours. Melco is the only casino operator in Macau to sponsor, produce and televise a public service video on RG in this way.

Women Responsible
Gaming Workshops

To allow our message on RG to reach a diverse spectrum of audiences, we pioneered a series of RG workshops targeted at women in 2018. To encourage participation, the RG curriculum is interwoven with lifestyle topics. This year, Melco conducted five, three-hour workshops in partnership with a local NGO, Gaming Employees Home of Macau, on lifestyle topics such as dessert making, health and fitness, and so on, providing comfortable settings to have conversations about RG.

Promoting Positive
Gaming Attitudes

A microfilm was created to instill positive values in gaming practitioners, in particular the dealer segment of the workforce. Using a movie as a medium to engage audiences was an innovative approach in RG. Melco supported the project financially and helped with story production, scripting and provision of shooting locations. This microfilm received tremendous recognition from the community and the Macau government.

Collaboration with Universities and Research Institutes

Melco continues to support gaming research and education; we donated US$650,000 towards research on RG — establishing a Research Centre with Macao Polytechnic Institute, and supporting the University of Macau’s Institute for the Study of Commercial Gaming (ISCG).

RG Awareness Week
in Cyprus

To build a healthier and more viable society, Melco’s Cyprus operations collaborated with the National Betting Authority and the Cyprus Gaming and Casino Supervision Commission, to organize a range of public awareness-raising events during Responsible Gaming Awareness Week (RGAW). Our Cyprus colleagues gave presentations, conducted workshops and hosted outdoor RG information stations, which were attended by regulators, government representatives, community members and our colleagues in Cyprus.