• Melco colleagues find more than just a
    “job” at Melco, they are also offered
    career development and opportunities.

As part of Melco’s commitment to recruiting, training and developing people, we have adopted an innovative approach called Whole Person Development. It is a holistic approach where our people are encouraged to work and grow beyond a technical or functional-only focus.


Our Whole Person Development approach breaks the boundaries of traditional training styles, and highlights experiences that promote well-rounded professional and personal growth so we keep growing and succeeding together. Some components of Whole Person Development are highlighted below:

Internal Career Opportunities
Melco promotes career development through opportunities in-house. Since opening our first resort a little over a decade ago, more than 27,800 colleagues have been promoted or transferred internally to other departments or resorts. This is largely made possible by our policy that mandates vacancies be internally posted, and where qualifications are equal, priority be given to the internal candidate. With a hiring focus more on attitude, potential and image, and training provided for skills, Melco further facilitates cross-functional career paths by placing confidence in transferrable traits rather than prior job experience.

Foundation Acceleration Program
Our training and development system does not stop at classroom training because service excellence requires a broad spectrum of exposure. That is why the Foundation Acceleration Program (FAP) was created, to offer short- or long-term, cross-functional placements or specific assignments to fine-tune our colleagues’ business acumen and their ability to understand multiple perspectives. The variety of assignments offer exposure beyond their specialty, both in terms of knowledge and experience, and plays a key role in enhancing our colleagues’ confidence, broadening their skill set and enabling them to engage with people from different backgrounds.

Examples of FAP placements vary. Longer examples include Dealers working in hotel operations for six months or a hotel Front Office Manager spending a year rotating through a variety of cross-functional roles from the contact center, reservations, revenue management, food and beverage, to marketing and public relations. Examples of shorter placements include groups of human resources professionals spending one day each in the business units they support, or specific assignments to stretch skills in areas such as public speaking.


Sustaining innovation and success only materializes when we all commit to personal growth and advancement; Melco’s Learning Academy, the first in-house academy in Macau, embraces this commitment to lifelong learning. Since its inception in 2009, 5,845 courses have been offered across our operations in Macau and Hong Kong and more than 639,600 seats have been filled by Melco colleagues. It provides a curriculum, in the most customized way, across multi-functional tracks including gaming and non-gaming technical training, sales and marketing, legal, service, language, finance, computer application, HR, leadership and lifestyle topics that relate to personal development.