• Where People Feel Valued,
    Cared For & Recognized.

Melco continues to strive to deliver our colleagues career opportunities along with policies and programs that create an attractive working environment.


Receiving and responding to our colleagues’ open feedback is the most direct way of caring for our people and improving our service quality. This is made possible through various formal and informal channels, including:

Colleague surveys Regular focus groups across various business functions and resorts. For example, between 2012 and 2019, 1,344 focus groups were organized for our Table Games Dealers, through which 96% of the suggestions were addressed “Meet Management” sessions allow resort presidents to share and discuss business updates with up to 50 colleagues at a time Leadership Forums Performance appraisals Other communications channels such as the “Talk to Management” feature of our MelcoToday colleague mobile app, newsletters and social media


Melco introduced the ‘In Your Shoes’ program for the management team to experience ‘A Day in the Life of’ frontline colleagues. Members of the management team and other senior management colleagues use this as a precious chance to advance their understanding of frontline roles in areas such as Housekeeping and F&B, experience first-hand the day-to-day complications faced by colleagues, and gain insights that will boost team spirit and help them devise and implement practical solutions. To date, 64 management colleagues have taken part in the program with seven ‘In Your Shoes’ sessions held across Melco’s resorts in Macau.

“I am always looking for ways to gain our colleagues’ perspectives and ideas to improve what we do and how we do it. This project is a wonderful opportunity to offer just that. It was insightful to understand in greater depth the operational ‘ins and outs’ of the housekeeping team, to see the obstacles they are faced with daily and the teamwork and effort required to overcome them.”

- Mr. David Sisk, Chief Operating Officer of Macau Resorts


Melco has heritage of helping alleviate the challenges faced by individual colleagues. To show our care and provide resources to colleagues facing extraordinary situations in life, such as medical issues or natural disasters, Melco does not hesitate to mobilize donation drives across the Company — from colleagues up to our Chairman and CEO.


Melco provides various scholarships to encourage the concept of life-long learning. These scholarships are provided for our colleagues and their immediate family. We also instill hope in colleagues who may face immense challenges that would otherwise prevent them from achieving relevant qualifications and reaching their full potential. To see them through the tough times, Melco provides Hope Scholarships for relevant academic programs.


Our premium service extends not just to our guests but also internally to our colleagues. Our colleagues spend an important part of their working days in our resorts, and we have invested in designing and building what we call “Heart-of-House” to take care of our people. The ‘Heart-of-House” contains facilities and amenities such as:

Dining rooms for colleagues that offer an extensive selection of varied cuisines including stations with Asian, international and healthy options Learning Academy training center with course offerings and onsite facilities for all levels of career and skill development Relaxation rooms fitted with amenities like massage chairs, hammocks and TVs Break areas to relax with a coffee, tea or other refreshments, all with access to computers for browsing Concierge desk for colleagues


To support our colleagues to adopt a healthy work-life balance, we have the following ongoing initiatives in place to meet individual needs:

FlexCompress: a flexible working scheme that allows our colleagues to work the same number of hours in a compressed work week so they can enjoy more days off Strawberry Life: a part-time scheme that allows colleagues to remain eligible for full-time benefits on a pro-rated basis Lifestyle Programs: the Melco Learning Academy provides workshops on personal development and lifestyle knowledge