• Keeping our Colleagues & Guests Safe.

The safety of our colleagues, guests and contractors is of paramount importance. We work in concert with the government and local authorities, and also invest in people and technology to address safety and health matters.


Melco recruits experienced security and safety leaders who know how to best employ technology and physical security to combat any illegal and undesirable behaviors and manage emergencies. We coordinate regularly with police authorities to conduct joint enforcement operations, share intelligence and cooperate on training and planning activities.

We deploy strong, visible and undercover security teams across our resorts, which are trained to identify and respond to a range of incidents. These teams are backed by surveillance personnel who use the latest facial recognition technology, CCTV and access control systems to monitor the whole integrated resort environment.


Melco has extensive experience dealing with a range of casino-related incidents and other serious emergencies. Melco’s crisis management and disaster prevention measures are overseen and responded to by the security and safety teams. Our emergency management planning and procedures include a robust crisis management plan and regular training and drills for all colleagues, including on appropriate responses to fires and any other need for evacuation.

Colleagues attend OSH training during induction, ongoing industry safety training and regular OSH refresher courses. We engage our contractors in mandatory OSH orientation training and continuously monitor onsite practices to ensure the avoidance of hazards and the adoption of best practices. All training covers applicable topics in accordance with ISO 45001 requirements.


The safety of our colleagues, guests and contractors is of paramount importance. Established in 2008, Melco’s Occupational Safety and Health (“OSH”) Policy evidences the company’s pledge to comply with legal requirements, to prevent injuries and illnesses, and to continual improvement in OSH performance. Maintaining our safety and health standards across our resorts is also achieved through strict compliance to the requirements of our OSH management systems with our operations in Macau and Hong Kong being also being certified to the ISO 45001 standard.
OSH Committees at each of our operating resorts meet monthly and are responsible for:

Reviewing OSH performance trends and following up on any OSH incidents to ensure root-cause investigations are effectively conducted and that corrective and preventative actions are identified and implemented Ensuring that the ongoing implementation of OSH promotion and awareness activities are appropriately targeted and that education and training programs are topical and reflective of OSH performance trends Coordinating regularly-scheduled auditing and inspection activities and reviewing results to identify areas for improvement and to allocate additional resources as required Updating management on OSH issues and concerns raised by colleagues and contractors and recommended measures to improve OSH performance

Melco adopts a holistic approach to safety in all public areas of our integrated resorts. External risk engineers perform quarterly assessments of key public areas such as hotel rooms, entertainment attractions, all guest elevators, and main entrances/exits of the integrated resorts to ensure these areas satisfy international safety standards. Any significant near miss or actual incident is reviewed by the CRO and, depending on severity, relevant Business Unit heads to identify and implement corrective and preventive actions.

We also maintain Emergency Response Teams at each resort and collaborate with local emergency response teams on site-specific plans, and focus on prevention and strive for continuous improvement on all safety and health indicators as measured by standard industry metrics and established goals.


Excellence in Melco Resorts food and beverage experience is founded upon our impeccable food safety standards. Food quality and hygiene at all food outlets, for guests and our colleagues, are regularly assessed and audited by F&B department managers and our highly trained Food Safety team, as well as external advisors, including the Food Safety Centre of the Macao SAR. In 2019, we proudly achieved the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) certification for food safety at Altira and COD Macau with Studio City expected to be HACCP-certified by the end of 2020.


For well-being, safety and health reasons, we provide our guests and colleagues a comfortable indoor temperature with air free from irritants, dust, unpleasant odours, mould and other impurities. At Melco Resorts, indoor air quality in both our guest and Heart-of-House areas are monitored by installed sensors to ensure compliance with applicable requirements with prompt actions are taken by our in-house engineers to rectify any need for repairs. Patrolling security officers ensure that smoking is restricted to designated smoking areas and colleagues are also encouraged to report any violations of the lawful smoking policy.