• Our sustainability strategy of
    Above & Beyond
    sets new benchmarks for
    achieving positive financial,
    social and environmental results.


Melco’s Above & Beyond Strategic Sustainability Framework

Our ambitious goals include eliminating the impact of our resorts on the climate by 2030 and taking a lead on circular economy approaches and responsible gaming. It also commits us to be the company people choose to work for, and a leading corporate citizen in the community with a focus on respecting and promoting local culture. These actions underpin our strategy of Above & Beyond and are addressed by our five focus areas, which also form the main sections of this report.


Stakeholder Engagement

Identifying what matters most to our stakeholders and incorporating issues that have a material impact on our business into our strategy, is key to our success as a sustainable business. This also helps us to turn risks into opportunities and create shared value.

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Sustainability Leadership

Melco continually assesses and aligns sustainability performance in the context of the global sustainable development goals and recognized sectoral, regional and global benchmarks. Our performance against these is indicated in the following table, alongside our key partnerships and commitments that enable us to accelerate progress. Further information on additional partnerships are included in our focus areas:

Responsible Gaming Partners
Environment Partners
People Partners
Society & Governance Partners

Sustainability Leadership


Received CDP’s Best First Time Performer award and a score of "A-", placing us in CDP’s leadership band for climate change responses. Melco’s score is well ahead of Asia’s regional average and the entertainment facilities sector average of C. Melco is among 31% of companies that reached leadership level in our Activity Group

City of Dreams Manila received special recognition awards for its employee development program and efforts to tackle climate change through energy management

Melco is the first and only company to earn the Green Key award in Macau. In 2019, Altira joined all of our resorts in the city in having achieved the eco-label

Melco received five awards at the CEM Macau Energy Saving Activity 2019

Recognizing the accomplishments and excellence in management acumen, financial performance, corporate social responsibility, environmental practices and investor relations, The Asian Excellence awards presented Melco with “Best Environmental Responsibility” award in 2019.

Business Awards of Macau – Gold Award in Environmental Performance

Industry Recognition

2019 Socially Responsible Operator of the Year (Asia/Australia) for our Responsible Gaming program and as Integrated Resort of the Year 2020

2019 Best Companies to Work for in Asia (Hospitality)

2019 Gold Award for Excellence in Global and Local HR Strategies 2019 Gold Award for best Mass Recruitment

Key Commitments/ Partnerships

UN Sustainable Development Goals' alignment

Melco is a proud signatory of the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative, which is led by United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), in collaboration with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Collaboration with a local SME to install Macau’s largest solar power system