• Our colleagues take great pride in the
    organization’s international reputation
    for its culture of excellence.

From the top, our leadership is committed to creating an environment where our standards set the benchmark. Our premium levels of service are achieved by our people, who are supported through a system that integrates:


At Melco, we believe every day offers an opportunity to grow. Our highly structured training system and its related programs are established to both empower our colleagues in developing their careers, and provide the cornerstone of our genuine, memorable and first-class service standards.
Examples of training elements that foster pride in our organization include:

Mandatory orientation:
an induction program that introduces new joiners to our core values, our philosophy and what makes Melco a winner.

Technical skills training:
our philosophy to “hire for attitude, potential and image, and train on skills” means that technical skill development is a major component of our training program.

“My first 90 Days” integration program:
a bespoke, proprietary program that offers a structured integration process to ensure the necessary knowledge is shared, skills cultivated, and expectations understood for each department.

Customized consumer brand and service training:
our people are the face of Melco and this training ensures that our colleagues understand our consumer brand and market positioning, which is crucial in making our service stand out in this competitive market.

Melco core service standards:
as part of the mandatory orientation program, this is a training module to align our people’s service levels. We accept nothing short of excellence and consistently high standards of service behavior at all times. We do our best to support our people and to bring out the best of their potential.

Forbes standards training:
Forbes Five-star standards mean a promise of exquisite service. This comprehensive training raises our people’s awareness of the work that goes behind the premium service we offer.

Mystery shoppers:
a process where our colleagues are trained to become mystery shoppers and experience our high standards of service from the other end. We believe this personal experience speaks louder than words and will ensure their own commitment to provide the best service.