• Ensuring that our workplace is
    respectful and bias-free is essential
    for our success.

We are an equal opportunity employer — our people come from all parts of the world and all walks of life. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment based on age, race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, parental/marital status or other non-meritocratic factors.


Cultivating an inclusive workplace is one of Melco's guiding principles. We prioritise an inclusive workplace where diversity thrives to bring rich and varied perspectives — thereby furthering the sustainability of Melco’s business.

Over the years, we have focused our efforts to increase gender equality at all levels of the Company. We are proud of the gender diversity of both our Boards and among our senior executives. Across the four Boards overseeing Melco Resorts and Entertainment companies, we have a significant proportion of female leaders.

9 female directors across our Boards 31% of the Corporate Executive Committee 38% of senior leadership 40% of general management

Family-friendly Workplace
Melco is by far the industry leader when it comes to providing a family-friendly workplace. In Macau where childcare is both expensive and scarce, Melco is the first and only operator with plans to establish an in-house nursery for the children of our colleagues. Once opened, the management operator will be Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Macau (The Macau Holy House of Mercy).

We are also the first gaming operator in Macau to provide fully-equipped lactation rooms across our global operations for nursing mothers at work.

“Supporting opportunities for women is not just good for business, it is personally important to me as the father of a 12-year old daughter. I want to make sure she grows up in a world where equality and diversity are fully embraced, and she is fully empowered.”

- Lawrence Ho, Chairman and CEO



Our ‘Best I Can Be’ message empowers women to embrace life’s choices to bring out the best in themselves. In 2019, we inspired women to be the best they can be through hosting both a Women’s Forum and the Best Mom Award.

Women’s Forum
In March 2019, we hosted the Melco Women’s Forum, inviting a panel of inspirational and influential female guests from around the world to speak in Macau to over 600 management and non-management colleagues and members of the community. The stellar speaker lineup included Ms. Ann Osman, Malaysia’s first female professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter who was voted one of TIME Magazine’s Next Generation Leaders and Ms. Julia Morley, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Miss World Organization, as keynote speakers. Forum panelists comprised prominent female figures including Ms. Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes, Director of the Macau Government Tourist Office, Ms. Karuna Shinsho, Board Director, Melco International Development, Ms. Dominique Mielle, Board Director, Studio City,, Ms. Vanessa Ponce de León, Miss World 2018 and Ms. Kanako Date, Miss World Japan 2018, who shared their experiences, both professional and personal.

Best Mom Award
In partnership with The Women’s General Association of Macau, Melco co-hosted the Best Mom Award in August 2019 to celebrate the virtues of women, pay tribute to maternal love and promote positive family values, and to provide a platform through which one can show gratitude and appreciation towards women and motherhood. The award provided the local Macau community with a platform to show gratitude and appreciation for the important women in their lives.