• Our dedicated, innovative and systematic approach
    to responsible gaming raises the bar on industry standards.


Responsible gaming (RG) is at the core of our commitment to society as we continue to offer the highest standards of service and ensure a fair and safe gaming experience for our guests. Our commitment is to develop and maintain a culture of responsible gaming in every jurisdiction we operate in, while respecting and fully cooperating with international governments and gaming regulators.

Goal 4: Quality Education

Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals

Our Commitment :

Promoting Responsible Gaming And An Attitude Of Staying In Control

The Industry Leader in
Responsible Gaming

The Company’s pledge to always be at the forefront of the industry’s gaming efforts comes from the very top. Our Responsible Gaming Steering Committee, set up in 2008, is personally led by Lawrence Ho, our Chairman and CEO, who is its Executive Sponsor. Our RG strategy and its policies are implemented globally in all jurisdictions in which we operate, subject to local regulations.

Our gaming and non-gaming departments as well as global executive leaders, including Presidents and Chief Operating Officers (COOs), are represented on this Committee. Through quarterly meetings, the Committee provides strategic direction for all our RG initiatives. Separate working committees meet more regularly to propose and implement initiatives that ensure we remain committed to promoting responsible gaming and an attitude of staying in control.

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Responsible Gaming requires us to build long-term relationships, rooted in shared values, with governments, regulators, research institutions, colleagues, the community and other key stakeholders in the gaming industry. The success of our global RG strategy depends upon a well-tested, three-pronged approach that provides a solid framework for RG implementation across our resorts.

“A culture of responsible gaming pervades throughout Melco due to the commitment from our Chairman and CEO. Since day one, we are the only company to require on a global basis responsible gaming training for all colleagues across the board, gaming and non-gaming, management and non-management.”

— Akiko Takahashi, Executive Vice President & Chief of Staff to Chairman & CEO


RG Awareness Week
in Cyprus

To build a healthier and more viable society, Melco’s Cyprus operations collaborated with the National Betting Authority and the Cyprus Gaming and Casino Supervision Commission, to organize a range of public awareness-raising events during Responsible Gaming Awareness Week (RGAW).

Our Cyprus colleagues gave presentations, conducted workshops and hosted outdoor RG information stations, which were attended by regulators, government representatives, community members and our colleagues in Cyprus.