• Our Commitment to training every colleague
    on Responsible Gaming is delivered through
    an innovative yet systematic approach.

Our proactive and systematic approach towards RG includes programs and initiatives that surpass mandated regulatory requirements, and this investment shines through in our RG training programs for colleagues.

Every colleague at Melco - gaming and non-gaming - is trained to identify and address potential problem gambling, and to help raise awareness among guests and the wider community. More than 78,000 colleagues in Macau, Manila and Cyprus have participated in RG activities to date, and we boast over 425 RG ambassadors. RG ambassadors are trained specialists who identify and detect actual or suspected unusual gambling behavior. They then address this with patrons by assisting them to enroll in self-exclusion programs if so desired, and/or referring them to professional support such as counseling services.

Responsible Gaming
Training Program

Our commitment to training every colleague on RG is delivered through an innovative yet systematic approach. Our well-designed system ensures that every colleague is equipped with knowledge on RG and supported to progress to more advanced levels of training. To date, 90,208 RG training seats worldwide have been filled by Melco colleagues.

Since developing an advanced RG training classroom program for all colleagues in 2017 and to facilitate increased accessibility of this course, we launched an e-learning version in 2019. This Advanced RG Training program is based upon the curriculum of the “Macao Responsible Gaming Advisor Certificate Program” by the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau and the University of Macau.

Leadership Forum

Another way in which we raise awareness about RG is through participation in the RG Leadership Forum. This event, directed at management teams, covers a variety of current and relevant subjects. RG is one of the topics discussed, with speakers and guests from government and academia participating. Over 600 Melco management colleagues took part in the RG Leadership Forum.

Dedicated RG
Educational Space in
the Heart-of-House

In addition to the regular, ongoing RG awareness activities held for our colleagues, we have set up a dedicated RG space in the employee Heart-of-House in Macau and Manila. The walls of our Heart-of-House are wrapped with large visual displays about our RG program. A digital display communicates RG messages and information, kiosks serve as educational interactive tools and we offer pop-up games with token prizes to raise awareness and entertain our colleagues while reinforcing RG principles.

Responsible Gaming
In-house Activities

To date, over 78,000 colleagues have taken part in our fun and interactive RG awareness-raising activities in our Heart-of-House. Designed to re-engage our colleagues on the topic every two to three months, we take these activities seriously. They are attended by our Chairman and CEO, COOs Property Presidents and other members of the management team. As a result of these activities, in Macau, our Melco teams have twice won government-led RG knowledge competitions.